PC Computer and Laptop Repair

Repairs and troubleshooting – We can diagnose and fix faults and computer problems whether they are hardware or software related and help solve all your computer problems. Computer parts are stocked to enable a quick computer or laptop repair, and we have a policy of only installing reliable, well known quality brands. Software can be fixed with patches, updates, bug fixes, registry configurations or uninstalled and reinstalled then correctly configured. Our PC technicians love to help their customers solve computer problems, and 100% of our customers rate our service as excellent

Computer Software - If there is a certain task that you'd like to accomplish, but are unsure of what computer software you might need, give us a call and we'll do our best to help. Most of the time we can recommend something right over the phone, we can suggest the right Anti-virus or Anti-spyware software, to help stop viruses and spyware, or any other application, based on the configuration of your computer, and ensure optimal performance.

Computer Hardware - Probably the most common example of computer hardware would be getting an external hard drive to back up your files and data. We can set these up for you and schedule regular data backups to offer you peace of mind. If something should happen to your computer, you'll have an important backup of all of your most important and treasured data such as your photos.

Of course, if you'd like help setting up your new equipment we'd be glad to be of assistance. Whether it's taking it out of the box and hooking it up, or transferring your files from your old PC to the new one, or connecting it to broadband or a wireless network, we are here to help.